Have you ever wanted to try surfing but didn't know where to start?

The Presurfing Program /Beginners is the perfect solution! On this program you will learn everything you need to know to make a success of your first surfing sessions, don't waste time and money on unnecessary stuff.

Taking this program will give you the confidence and knowledge to finally make it to the beach and become a surfer!

With the Presurfing Program/Beginners you gonna learn:

History and culture of surfing [PDF]

• Surf legends • The history of the famous shaka sign / Hang loose • Surfing and flow state

Surfing theory and forecast [PDF]

• How are the waves formed • What is a swell • Tide and surf conditions • Understand a forecast app • How to catch a wave, theory • Green waves • White water

Safety rules [PDF]

• Rip currents • Stay safe when you try to surf • Wetsuit temperature guide (what kind of wetsuit i have to use)

PRESURFING program on the beach [VIDEO]

• Choose the correct surfboard • How to put on a wetsuit • How to you use a surfboard leash • The easiest way to pop up for you • Transport your surfboard • Safety rules • Paddle on a surfboard • Catch waves on your own

PRESURFING program at the pool [VIDEO]

• How to paddle on a surfboard • How to sit on a surfboard and turn it around

Yoga to prepare beginners for surfing, home training [VIDEO]

• Exercises for beginners, before they get into the water to understand what they need in terms of strang, mobility and flexibility to surf a wave • How to pop up on a surf-fit mat

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