Já alguma vez pensaste em aprender a fazer surf mas não sabes por onde começar?

The Presurfing Program/Beginners é a solução perfeita para ti! Neste programa vais aprender tudo o que precisas para te iniciares nesta aventura maravilhosa de surfar!


With the Presurfing Program/Beginners you gonna learn:

History and culture of surfing [PDF]

• Surf legends • The history of the famous shaka sign / Hang loose • Surfing and flow state

Surfing theory and forecast [PDF]

• How are the waves formed • What is a swell • Tide and surf conditions • Understand a forecast app • How to catch a wave, theory • Green waves • White water

Safety rules [PDF]

• Rip currents • Stay safe when you try to surf • Wetsuit temperature guide (what kind of wetsuit i have to use)

PRESURFING program on the beach [VIDEO]

• Choose the correct surfboard • How to put on a wetsuit • How to you use a surfboard leash • The easiest way to pop up for you • Transport your surfboard • Safety rules • Paddle on a surfboard • Catch waves on your own

PRESURFING program at the pool [VIDEO]

• How to paddle on a surfboard • How to sit on a surfboard and turn it around

Yoga to prepare beginners for surfing, home training [VIDEO]

• Exercises for beginners, before they get into the water to understand what they need in terms of strang, mobility and flexibility to surf a wave • How to pop up on a surf-fit mat

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